Father's Day Ideas

Father’s Day is around the corner and we have put together some last minute ideas that will help you celebrate dad and that you can pull off on short notice. Most of the time all dad wants is quality time with the kids, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little something prepared!

Pub Grub

There’s nothing like enjoying a good pint with Dad on a Sunday afternoon and Father’s Day is no exception. Take Dad to his favourite pub; just make sure the tab is on you this weekend!

Park Life

Doesn’t matter whether your dad is a walk around the park guy or a skate park guy! Take a ball, kick it around and catch up with the old chap.


It’s always fun to see the things that people are passionate about – take the time to enjoy dad’s hobbies. You could find yourself making miniature planes or at the museum or strumming a guitar and with a new hobby to boot.


Some of the best memories are made over campfires and Dads just might be the best singalong leaders. Pack up the car and pull out the old sleeping bag just to see where the road takes you.

Masterchef for Dad

Whether your dad is a foodie or not, he’ll appreciate the effort that goes into cooking a great meal. You can chose a crowd pleaser like classic Sunday Roast or something less traditional like a big brunch.

If you want to cook for Dad at your place and not his kitchen, check out our developments all over London.

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