Buying a Notting Hill Genesis Sales home?

Step 1 - Apply

If you want to apply for a Shared Ownership or resale property you'll need to fill in our online application form.

Start or continue your application

If you are an existing customer who filled out the old application form, please Sign Up using the same email address. Once your account is created your saved application will be available.


Step 2 - Find a property and complete an eligibility check

Take a look at our homes and, once you’ve found one that you like, give us a call on 020 3811 1725. Once you’ve passed a quick eligibility check we can book you in to view.

Step 3 - Attend a viewing

Once you've searched our properties and found something you like, go and view it. If it really feels right be sure to express an interest in buying there and then.

Step 4 - Interest

Once you tell us you're interested, we'll let you know whether we've been able to match you to one of your choices if you were the highest priority applicant for that home. If so, we'll contact you within 10-15 working days by phone or email. You'll then have 24 hours to say whether you're still interested. You don't need to make any financial commitment yet though.

We will try to match you to your highest available choice at the developments you view, but if we can't match you we'll add you to the reserve list, and contact you if we can match you to one of your choices in future. You can change your choice of property at any point – just call our sales team and let them know which homes you want to add or remove on your list.

If we make you an offer but you turn it down because you want to hold out for one of your higher choices, we'll keep you on the reserve list until we hear otherwise.

If we don't hear back from you, we'll assume you're not interested in that development anymore and you'll need to contact us to rejoin the reserve list.

Step 5 - Proceeding

If you decide you want to go ahead, you'll need to send us all the information and evidence we need to do an initial affordability assessment. This will involve speaking to one of our Specialist Financial . You'll also need to find a solicitor with Shared Ownership experience.

At this point we'll assign you a sales consultant who'll be your contact throughout the whole process and can answer questions as you go.

Finally, we'll invite you to complete an easy 10 minute online module which covers important information about Shared Ownership that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

Step 6 - Interview

We'll arrange a purchasing interview over the phone with your sales consultant within 48 hours of assigning them to you. At the interview we'll tell you about the lease you're buying, and share any specific details about the property that you don't know already.

Together we'll also agree the exchange deadline, which will always be within four weeks of instructing solicitors.

Step 7 - Formal commitment

At the end of the interview, if we can all proceed, you'll need to sign a reservation agreement and pay a £500 reservation fee.

You'll then need to give us your solicitors' details and formally instruct them, which may mean you have to pay some of their fees upfront. At the same time you should formally submit your loan application, or instruct your IFA to do it for you.

Step 8 - Get ready to exchange

Your mortgage lender will carry out a valuation survey, and then from instruction you'll have four weeks to exchange contracts. For this to happen you'll need an approved mortgage offer ready, and your solicitor will have to have answered any queries. At this point your solicitor will pay us your deposit, exchange signed contracts, and then the purchase is legally agreed.

You'll need to stay in regular contact with your solicitor, lender or SFA throughout the process, and with us too, to make sure we're all on target to meet the exchange deadline. Please take time to read and understand the details of the lease, and if you have any questions please ask your solicitor before exchange.

If your mortgage offer isn't ready in time for any reason, we would ask you to exchange in principle, subject to the offer. If you still can't get a mortgage offer we would withdraw from the sale and refund your deposit. But if we have to cancel the sale for any other reason, we won't be able to refund your deposit.

Step 9 - Completion

After exchange, if your property is ready for you to move in, you'll get a fixed completion date which will be within 10 days of exchange. If you're buying off-plan our solicitors will serve a formal notice to your solicitor when the building is ready to move in, and you'll need to complete within 10 days of that.

Before the completion date we'll ask you to attend a home demonstration. It's a chance to see your property for the first time, measure up, take meter readings and for us to show you how the appliances work.

Completion happens when our solicitors receive your final payment for your home, rent, service charge and disbursements. You're then legally and financially responsible for the property so we'll arrange for you to collect the keys.

Then it's time to move in to your new home and celebrate!

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