Staircasing to full ownership

Louise, a charity worker, originally purchased her property at The Bloom in Hammersmith and Fulham through Shared Ownership last year. She bought 75% of the property that had a full market value of £307,000 at the time. As Louise's share of the property has increased to the full 100%, so has her equity, allowing her to reap the benefits in the future. Through a good financial plan and the addition of personal savings, Louise has managed to staircase to full ownership in just a year and a half.

Louise describes the process of buying and staircasing to full home ownership of her new property. She comments; "The whole process from initial enquiry to final completion was clear and simple; while I also had the guidance of Notting Hill Genesis who were always on hand to help if I had any questions."

She adds, "I had some personal savings and found myself in a lucky situation last year after being gifted some money from a family member. I thought it was really sensible to invest the money in the remaining 25% and to acquire 100% ownership of the property. I thought it was wise to do it all in one go and, knowing the value of the property was going up, it was the best time to invest my money."

With such an ideal Zone 2 location and amazing views of the five acre green landscape of Wormholt Park, Louise has no intention to re-locate anytime soon. She says she could not have possibly purchased a new build apartment with its exceptional location without Shared Ownership. She comments; "I was determined to live in Shepherd's Bush as I've rented here for 10 years and love the area. I definitely intend on staying at The Bloom for the foreseeable future. I think Shared Ownership is a great way to get onto the property ladder and I'd very much recommend it to friends."

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