While an ever increasing number of Londoners are being forced to become part of the 'Generation Rent' trend, many young London professionals are still hopeful of taking their first step onto the property ladder and eventually owning their own home. Thanks to Shared Ownership homes at developments like Brackenbury Square from Notting Hill Sales an alternative means of affordable property is now available to London's renters in popular areas with growing investment potential.

31 year old Hanna purchased her first London property through Shared Ownership at Brackenbury Square. Forced to move out of her rented studio apartment in Hammersmith, Hanna was faced with the prospect of finding a new rental space in a competitive and expensive market. Hanna says; "I was living in a studio apartment for over five years, when my landlord broke the news that it was being sold. Considering the substantial hike in Hammersmith rental prices since I was last looking at the market, I was faced with the likelihood of house sharing. Frankly this option wasn't ideal considering my stage in life."

Staying in the Hammersmith area and within close proximity to work was incredibly important to Hanna. She began searching for the perfect rental property in October 2015 that was both affordable and had all the modern advantages of a new build development. Hanna says; "I had been living in the area for such a long time, it felt like home. But the rent had become ridiculously high on even the most average and unattractive properties. I was quite disheartened at first but it was this experience that spurred me on to look into buying my own property. I viewed the Shared Ownership apartments at Brackenbury Square and didn't look back."

Hanna continues; "I have peace of mind, knowing I own my own home. I no longer fear the end of a rental contract and worry about having to find a new home every couple of years. I feel like I have real control over my housing situation. My monthly outgoings are coming in much less than the average rental expectations I looked into for a property of this caliber."

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