4 quirky (last-minute) ideas for your Royal Wedding party

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding takes place this weekend (Saturday 19 May 12:00 GMT). The ceremony provides the perfect chance to gather friends, family and loved ones to celebrate the momentous occasion. Many are thrilled to see the royal couple tie the knot as royal weddings don’t happen very often. So, it’s a perfect opportunity to host a celebration of all things royal and British. If you are yet to decide how you will celebrate the royal occasion, or, you sent your invitations the moment their engagement was announced, then here are some last-minute ideas to help you and your guests get into the royal spirit in a truly unique way.

1. Strictly M and H

A nod to names of the happy couple and a challenge for the host (you!), one way to get into the royal theme would be to serve drinks and appetisers strictly beginning with the letters: M (for Meghan) and H (for Harry). Here are some initial ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

M: Mimosas (aka: Bucks Fizz)
Malt vinegar
Mushy peas

H: Hamburgers
(Lancashire) Hotpot

*you may have to bend the rules slightly when naming other complementary nibbles or include brands such as McCoy’s crisps or Hovis pittas served with the hummus.

2. A Transatlantic Union

Take symbolism to the next level for the romantic union of Harry and Meghan. To the delight of your guests, try serving typically British meals and drinks with an American twist:
Idea one: Serve classic British beverages such as Pimms in solo cups (typical of college parties in the United States).
Idea two: After the official ceremony and procession, host afternoon beer pong on a table decked with British flag bunting using tea cups.
Idea three: Provide snacks such as crumpets smothered with peanut butter and ‘jelly’.

3. The Cook Off

Use a BYOF (bring your own food) approach. Assign each of your guests as a UK or US ‘royal subject’ and each guest must contribute to day party by bringing along a dish representative of either country:

  • Fish fingers and chips vs cheese burger and fries
  • Bread and butter pudding vs NY style cheesecake
  • Fruit scones vs red velvet cake

4. All Clothes Patriotic…

Ask attendees of your viewing party to display their patriotism by strictly wearing the colours of the flag. This can be easily achieved by turning up in blue jeans, a white t-shirt and red accessories. You’re taking elements of both the British and American flag showing your true royal admiration!

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*Image via BBC News