5 creative storage tips to organise your cluttered utility room

As most new homeowners will find out for the first time, new builds are allocated a healthy amount of storage space for utility areas, but what they don't tell you is how to use it, well, creatively.


We’ve come up with a few handy tips to help utilise your utility space and to keep that new home honeymoon feeling a bit longer.

1. Stock up on baskets of all shapes and sizes

For homeowners with infants, additional space can be hard to come by, especially when your children seem to have every toy from dinosaurs to talking dolls. So getting a little creative with existing space can make your home look and feel a lot bigger. Baskets of different shapes and sizes are the perfect storage item for small spaces providing easy organization solutions. And a bit of style won’t make you want to grimace each time you have to grab something from inside.

2. Hanging wet clothes

Wet clothes stationed in the middle of the living room or kitchen area are like those relatives lodging indefinitely, you can't do much about it and have to let nature take its course. Assembling drying areas in your utility room for soggy socks and dripping dresses frees your living area for better use. Just don't apply the same logic with unwelcome lodgers.

3. Hanging racks behind the door

Behind the door is a key area to take advantage of – as it slips out of sight when you walk in to your utility room. Use hanging racks for the ever-mounting miscellany of clothes, shoes, or items you don’t want your inquisitive infant to find like medicines or sharp objects. One less trip to the emergency room the better.

4. Feng Shui

What better time to introduce a bit of domestic feng shui, or find out what it means, than when you move into your new home. Feng shui your metal elements out of the way by storing filing cabinets, unused electrical appliances and unsightly objects in your utility room. As the Chinese say, keep the energy fresh, flowing and happy.

5. Hanging and pull out shelves

Pacify your husband's or boyfriend's intolerance for masses of multifunctional shoes with hanging shelves to store shoes, scarves, formal dresses and anything you're saving for the rainy day that won't ever come.

Take a look at our latest Pinterest board to find out more ways of getting creative in your new home!

*Photo credit to Home Designing


Check out our Pinterest board for more creative storage ideas