7 quirky bathroom ideas using everyday objects

Here are seven creative ways to decorate your bathroom demonstrating a secret quirky side friends, family and infants are bound to enjoy.

1. Bicycle Basin

For the hipsters and cycling enthusiasts, pick up a cheap vintage looking bicycle on Gumtree. Use the basket on the handlebars to store hand towels and paint the bicycle frame to your desired colour scheme.

2. Library Loo

Using simple DIY and buying up every book at a garage sale, you can recreate an enclosed library atmosphere. Not to mention limiting the acoustic range in small apartments.

3. Decorate with scrabble letters

Is the scrabble board confining your linguistic skills? Getting creative with scrabble pieces and super glue is a great way to involve kids in the decorating. And who knows, they may feel less obliged to decorate the rest of the house with crayons and finger paint.

4. Vintage Whiskey Bottle Sanitiser

Whiskey bottles can make great soap dispensers. Not that you have to break the piggy bank to buy a dispenser, but the stylish calligraphy on Jack Daniels bottles look chic and funky. One tip- check the neck measurement before you go to the supermarket. Answers.com say 3.50cm (1.37795 inches) for a JD bottle.

5. Wallpaper with a world view

Sounds like an obvious idea, but when applied properly, it can make staring at the walls a bit more interesting. Let's face it, we do most of our creative thinking while in the loo, so why not dream of future adventures with unexplored continents.

6. Lights, lights, and more lights - be enchanted, in the toilet

Use fairy lights on the ceiling to create a relaxing, serene atmosphere.

7. Rainbow showerhead

This is an ingenious way to get the kids as excited as you are about bath time. Who doesn't enjoy a rainbow shower?

Don't take our word for it. Find these ideas and plenty more on this handy Pinterest board. Or have a look at these great interior design bloggers selected by The Guardian newspaper.


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