8 housewarming gifts you’ll probably want for yourself…

Housewarming gifts are often welcome, but there are only so many champagne flutes and tea towels you can hand over before it becomes predictable and boring. Here are 10 cost effective and thoughtful gifts to give (or request) as a housewarming gift...

1. A sign stating the new home’s Wi-Fi password 

Cost: <£10  
It is 2018 after all so why not take a decorative twist when answering the infamous question:  “what’s your Wi-Fi code?

2. Whisky stones

Cost: <£10
These stones are a great alternative to ice, are reusable and don’t water down your drink. No home can ever have too many of these and they're not exclusively for whisky

3. Aloe Vera plant

Cost: <£10
Known as the plant that every home needs in their home, the super cheap yet amazing plant soothes wounds, purifies air and is able to thrive both outdoors and indoors (including the bedroom)

4. Odour eliminating candle

Cost: <£5 
Particularly useful if your friends have 4 legged pups or may just be very conscious of smells

5. Spaghetti measurer

Cost: <£5 
Our staple Italian carb is notoriously hard to appropriately portion when plating up so help out the new home by introducing this nifty gadget a home in the kitchen 

6. Metal straws

Cost: <£5
Environmentally friendly and reusable, these metal straws will be gladly welcomed by the new home. Bonus hygiene point – the straws come with an appropriately sized cleaning brush to ensuring they live a long life in their new home.

7. Cards against Humanity

Cost: <£30 
The party game for horrible people helps break even the thickest of ice at any and every type of gathering.

–Caution not politically correct or child friendly.

8. Glass food storage container

Cost: <£40
These variable sized glass food storage containers can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C, meaning they can be popped into both the oven and microwave!


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