Butchers, Bakers and Patisserie-Makers in Bermondsey

Settling into an area with the architecture of medieval London and the fruits of a backstreet market is always a plus. Maltby Street market's culinary haven captures all of the above and is just over a five minute walk* from The Exchange, Bermondsey.

So in order of the old nursery rhyme, we give you our highlights. Be warned: don't plan on doing any dieting after reading about these tasty suggestions.

O'Shea's Butchers

41 Maltby Street

This butchers was established over 280 years ago in county Tipperary, Ireland. It's now run by the eighth generation of butchers, Darragh O’Shea, who offers a warm Irish welcome to local Londoners with a taste for a fine cut of meat. Darragh works closely with a number of top chefs and restaurateurs, providing the finest meat available.

Herman Ze German

41 Maltby Street

Yes this is the original name. A celebration of the finest German culinary delights from Bratwurst to Sauerkraut, founders Azadeh and Florian have pursued culinary authenticity from the very beginning. They import homemade sausages from their family butcher in the Black Forest and follow concerts across the UK to bring a taste of real German sausages to the hungry masses. Azadeh and Florian have stationed themselves in Malty Street Market for your convenience. Recommendation? The curry wurst.

St. John Bakery

72 Druid Street

With its origins in Soho's Dean Street, St. John Bakery is at the heart of traditional British baking focusing on purpose and simplicity in a pleasant restaurant surrounding. As its founders describe it, Fergus puts it on the plate and Trevor puts it in the glass.

Comptoir Gourmand

41 Maltby Street

What culinary hub would be complete without a traditional French patisserie offering homemade delights? Comptoir Gourmand, meaning gourmet counter, offers a comprehensive range of cuisine from appetising desserts to sumptuous savouries, which are perfect to snack on while on the way to the office or on a stroll through the area.

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