Canning Town & East London – A culture & people project in overdrive

The Wharf newspaper wrote an article back in August 2015 on the cultural and community regeneration of Rathbone Market Festival in Canning Town. Two years on and the regeneration has an established new community of first-time buyers and a breadth of activity to rival Soho, Camden, Shoreditch or any cultural hub in London. With a rapidly rising population, the wheels are turning firm and fast in East London. Here’s what you can look forward to!

Hallsville Quarter – A town centre built for the future

This new £600 million town centre* is one of the largest regeneration projects in London, and is being built to serve a new wave of busy London commuters. If you’re running late for a meeting, grab a quick coffee from your local barista or pick up some last minute dinner in one of a variety of retail stores opposite Canning Town Station.

Cody Dock – London’s secret riverside walkway

Cody Dock is a thriving community and creative quarter along the River Lea. At 26 miles long, Cody Dock is part of a social regeneration spurned by the cultural resurgence of East London and the Mayor of London’s Pocket Parks scheme. Drop in for a coffee at Cody Dock’s Café or go for a stroll along the path to the Olympic Park on this tucked away gem in the east.

Follow all the activity and upcoming events on their Twitter page.

Culture drive at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Smithsonian and the Victoria and Albert Museum are planning to build a permanent gallery space as well as facilitating new exhibitions in the site of the 2012 Olympic venue. This joint venture, backed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, could encourage a whole new cultural dimension to East London. And in its collaboration with the US art world, pave a culture highway between London and its new transatlantic partners.

Family, fun, free! - Life’s a beach at Beach East

This 2,200 square meter sandpit at Queen Elizabeth Park is filled with activities for all the family. Sand castle competitions, beach bars, paddling pools and moonlit waterfront walks give both parents and children plenty to do and is open to the public for the whole of Summer 2016.

Rathbone Market

All of this is in close proximity to Phase 3 of our new development Rathbone Market, a contemporary collection of 45 Shared Ownership homes at the heart of Canning Town.

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 *The whole scheme is scheduled to be completed by 2024.
** Image credit to Javi via Flickr

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