Easy BBQ recipes for London’s upcoming heatwave

London’s thermometers are set to burst as we progress through August! Forecasters are predicting temperatures will reach a sizzling 30°C and when the weather is this hot, it means only one thing: “fire up the BBQ”!

Some of the best experiences revolve around embracing scorching temperatures and are a prime opportunity to showcase your grilling skills and embrace ice-cold beverages throughout the day. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite BBQ recipes that are easy to prepare and adaptable various dietary requirements. These recipes will impress your guests a lot more than the standard British burger would.



This smoky miso aubergine offers an Asian side option for perfect for plant-based guests. Whack on the versatile squash on the BBQ for roughly 15 mins and serve as a starter or a main. Most ingredients can be bought from well stocked larger supermarkets.

Alternatively, this make ahead pickled red onion radish includes just four separate ingredients, but packs plenty of flavour when together. This quick zesty crunch can be enjoyed solo, as a side or even as a burger topping and involves no cooking whatsoever but blends perfectly with other BBQ foods.


For guests not opposed to dairy, this Mediterranean influenced coleslaw with tahini yogurt dressing is a straight forward and easy to make ahead also and will go down a treat with guests.
Bonus: It’s gluten free which and by swapping the Greek-Style natural yogurt for a plant based alternative making it vegan friendly.  



This recipe takes a little bit more prep but these grillable vegan burgers are absolutely worth the effort.  Alternatively, as long as you prep in advance, to let the marinade work through, Lulu Grimes’ BBQ teriyaki tofu recipe will go down a treat with both herbivores and carnivores.


Imagine accidentally getting your recommended daily fruit and veg allowance in one afternoon? Miriam Nice’s highly commended 5-a-day burger is homemade and includes peas, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms and butter beans. This burger is a much healthier and veggie friendly alternative to standard ground beef burgers served at BBQs.


You can’t really go wrong with booze-infused meat dishes, so we’re incredibly excited to serve Cider Can soy-glazed duck this June.  Alternatively, for a cheaper boozy alternative, try this Mojito grilled chicken that brings a Caribbean twist to your meal. Both recipes are best served with zesty flavoured rice and/or a tomato based salad.



Recipes involving cooked fruit can often be tricky and doesn’t always tickle every person’s fancy! But, this Grilled peaches with grappa recipe will provide the sweet finish every BBQ craves. Simply whack the peaches on the grill few minutes and serve with your favourite non-dairy creamy alternative you like.


What goes down better than cheesecake? Apricot cheesecake bars! Taking just 20 minutes to make and easy to prepare in advance, for guests avoiding ice-cream and ice lollies, these cheesecake bars are a worthy alternative.



Transport your taste buds to the Tropics with this Coconut Margarita. If the Islands’ aren’t exotic enough for the BBQ then switch it up with this Southern American descent of a drink, Mango plum sweet tea.  


An intriguing take on the British hot beverage, for tee-total or underage guests serve up this Thai Tea. Even better, if the weather’s really proving to be unbearable, quench your guests’ thirst with this Watermelon picnic punch with this *somewhat* healthy option.