FIFA World Cup 2018: Food and drink inspiration for the matches

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably know that the FIFA World Cup returns this this week. The host nation, Russia, kicks off the tournament playing against Saudi Arabia beginning an electric month of international footy. Every four years millions across the globe unite supporting their individual nations and is a time to rally behind the nation of your choice. Expect, tears, drama, passion and above all, elevated levels of patriotism! 

Whichever country you’re rooting for this year, events like the World Cup provide a prime opportunity to host your very own get-together. Granted, not everyone in your circle may share similar passions for the sport, by hosting a viewing party you have the chance to simultaneously entertain your soccer head friends and otherwise. What better way to keep everyone entertained than by getting creative and quirky with the food and drinks you serve? As it’s the World cup, it is also the perfect chance to experiment with food and drink recipes from different competing nations.

An authentic variety

In London, 300+ languages are spoken and along with this diversity, many shops/markets (such as Mextrade) stocking native ingredients are more accessible making international recipes a lot easier to try. For the 2014 World Cup, recently published an excellent roundup of their favourite dishes to try from each competing nation. So, one way you can really ‘wow’ your attendees could be to try serve your guests some of their recommendations. We’re excited to serve Champagneskinke when Denmark play their first game against Peru!


Building from this, a ‘potluck’ approach could also be an interesting experiment for both you (the host) and your guests. Assign each guest as a competing country such as Spain, Nigeria or France, ask them to prepare a recipe native to their country and watch the unpredictable international fusion come together! You and your guests have the chance to sample the most random, yet eclectic menu selection. For example:

If you’re struggling to decide who should bring what then this app could help. If you’d rather keep your viewing party food free, a potluck approach for strictly beers or internationally inspired cocktails is also a tactic for those looking to keep booze flowing (although, drink responsibly) . 


As guacamole is synonymous with Mexican food, you could take creative twist on the classic side by serving large rectangular guacamole dip and use broken crackers or prezels to detail goal lines, goalposts etc. You could even serve red/yellow peppers to eat with the dip representing the inevitable red and yellow cards that will be delivered over the month.

The perfect home for you to be the perfect host

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