How to be the safest party host

Today's the day!

You're all set to watch the FIFA World Cup Final! The beers are chilling, the BBQ is burning and the support is brewing. The final 90 minutes of the tournament may be stressful, but hosting a gathering in your own home doesn't have to be! 

Here are a few reminders to keep your home in order: 


1. Have a clearly designated smoking area

One person dies every six days from a fire that started from a lit cigarette. Having a designated smoking area helps minimise the potential of a fire by keeping the risk confined to one area. A broad choice of smoking area signs can be downloaded from here.

2. Offer non-alcoholic drinking options

Not every event has to centre on alcohol. For great virgin cocktail recipes, see BBC’s Good Food list of delicious non-alcoholic cocktail recipes.

3. Ask about dietary requirements

Unless you know the ins and outs of each guest’s dietary habits, there are many awkward eaters around including coeliacs, diabetics or moderate/severe allergies. Checking that you’re catering for each guest isn’t overly time consuming as most generic party foods offer something for everyone.


1. Leave your doors unlocked

A survey by Ourwatch revealed that four in ten homeowners don’t lock their front door when leaving their home empty. It’s even more tempting when hosting a gathering in your home, having an unlocked door practically welcomes the prospect of also inviting unwanted visitors.

2. Light fireworks, cook BBQs or start bonfires whilst intoxicated

It’s much safer to have someone sober dealing with risky features including the likes of high heat and/or open flames. Whilst sometimes we may feel less drunk than we actually are, the safest option when hosting a party including large, open flames or explosives like bonfires or fireworks is to choose between either drinking alcohol or staying sober and remaining committed to this responsibility.

3. Post details of the event on public social media profiles

As trustworthy as your social circle may seem, we all know social media can be a minefield and if you’re relaxed with the privacy settings on your Facebook, your event could be the target of a gate crash.


1. Put all extra and spare keys in a safe, hidden place

Whilst, it is easy to trust all guests – having all your keys in a safe and hidden place makes them less likely to get lost.

2. Let your neighbours know about your party

Manners cost nothing. Give your neighbours an advanced warning if you’re throwing an event which has the potential to cause a disturbance. This will save hearing a knock on the door from the police following a “noise complaint”.

3. Hide letters, valuables and any packaging that suggests expensive purchases (e.g. TV/iPad packaging)

Thieves see an opportunity in both obvious and not so obvious ways. If you’re yet to dispose of your 50” Bosch LED smart TV or your iPhone upgrade, it’s worth doing so before your event and in a way that’s not traceable to your home.

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