Interior design tips with a touch of feng shui

With February upon us, many consider giving the home a design tweak or a complete resuscitation when realising how bare the walls are without Christmas decorations.

From classic luxury to versatile functionality, your head is spinning from the surge of new ideas. But not to worry, as Leonardo Da Vinci once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Here's a few ideas to help guide your decorating aspirations along the right path using the ancient art of feng shui.

Relaxing river rocks for the bathroom

Even with limited space, feng shui can create a soothing atmosphere in any bathroom. Provided you don't have mischievous children who love to throw gravel in the driveway, placing river rocks in the bathroom sink are a simple way to create a relaxing tone in your bathroom and are said to maintain the energy flow rather than letting it go down the drain.

Trendy kitchen colours

The general trend for kitchen architecture and design is about moving away from the refuge of the single chef towards the kitchen as a social centre. So as we spend more time in the kitchen area, feng shui provides some intriguing ideas of what colours to combine to create the best atmosphere.

Here’s a quick feng shui colour code you can apply to your kitchen design:

  • Northeast area kitchen- fiery colours, from firetruck red to yummy yellow, earth element décor and colours
  • East area kitchen- green and brown colours, light blue accents
  • Southeast kitchen- wood element décor items and colours


Wake up on the right side of the bed

Feng shui teachings say you can promote grounding and balanced energy on both sides of the bed using nightstands and soft lighting with twin side tables- appealing to the left and right side of the brain's need for balance. Wall decoration is also key, as what you see from your bed should represent your future aspirations. So personalising your view as you wake up can help you begin your day on the right path.

So if all else fails, choose the safer option to guide your decorating, yet still be able to brag to your friends you've finally learned what feng shui means.

*Image by Photo by Fauzan Saari on Unsplash 


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