Is living beside the river just trendy or are there hidden benefits?

Words like ‘riverside’, ‘waterfront’, ‘by the Thames’ etc. have always been a strong draw for homebuyers- particularly in London. But what is so alluring though about living by the water, other than being able to brag about it at your next couples' dinner night? Most of us don’t own boats, fishing rods or plan to swim in a river once nicknamed the Great Stink.

Scientists say we are accessing some kind of gene memory developed from hunter-gatherers, who associated water with access to seafood rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This may seem hard to believe but research has shown stress levels/heart rates are reduced when respondents are shown images of rivers, lakes and sea. They’ve coined it ‘blue space’ - the same idea as 'green space' associated with parks and forests.

So if you fancy a ‘blue space’ new build, here are four Notting Hill developments just a stone’s skip away from the water.

1. Royal Albert Wharf – An aquatic playground

Launching Winter 2015 and in a location where the River Thames meets the Royal Docks, these Shared Ownership apartments at Royal Albert Wharf facing the water are close to Albert Basin in the west, the River Thames to the east and a former shipping lock to the south. This brand new waterside community also boasts access to this aquatic playground through the facilities of Royal Victoria Docks Watersport Centre and Royal Albert Dock Trust.

What you need to know: 1 & 2 bed Shared Ownership apartments- share price soon to be confirmed

2. Kewside – Kayak under Kew Bridge

Located on Kew Bridge Road in Brentford, Kewside is a modern collection of Shared Ownership apartments overlooking the River Thames. Homebuyers from all over London have been drawn to the prospect of waking up by the river sipping coffee and munching croissants. The area has been a draw for designer boutiques and a strong artisan culture which means there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the fruits of cosmopolitan London as well.

What you need to know: 1 & 2 bed Shared Ownership apartments – shares from £172,000

3. Battersea Reach – Waterfront bars and riverside within easy reach

We recently launched our fourth and final phase of 1 and 2 bedroom Shared Ownership apartment. These stylish Battersea Reach apartments boast riverside walks, waterfront bars, an award-winning 4 acre communal gardens, as well as Wandsworth Old Town nearby.

What you need to know: 1 & 2 bed Shared Ownership apartments – shares from £108,750

4. Drummond House - Waterside regeneration

Drummond House is a stylish new development part of a £1.5 billion urban regeneration scheme called Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich positioned comfortably by the River Thames. The new town square featuring a water cascade and the river just beside is set to breathe new life into an area undergoing rapid changes.

What you need to know: 1 & 2 bed Shared Ownership apartments – shares from £83,750

Whether kayaking, sipping coffee, taking an evening riverside stroll, or simply staring into blue space, you’re guaranteed to unwind from the hustle and bustle of London life in one of these exciting new developments. Just make sure someone is holding your coffee and croissant while you paddle up the river.

*Image near development Kewside, Hounslow on River Thames