Lidos in London

This summer has had us sizzling away. With thermometers practically popping as the temperature reached 34°c, we’ve all had to find innovative ways to both embrace the sun and cool down.

One, perfect and overlooked destination in London these hot times is to visit your local Lido. If you live in London, you’re lucky enough to be close to the dozens that are dotted around the capital, and whilst some are private, most are public and competitively priced. If you, like many others, forgot that outdoor pools exist here in England, here’s a reminder with a summary of our three favourite locations that are conveniently located close to some of our Shared Ownership and Private Sale homes…

Three: Brockwell Lido

Why it’s great:

This 50-metre pool is surrounded by the breath taking Grade II listed buildings, exercise studios, children’s activities and the award winning Lido Café! Especially enjoyable if the weather’s nice, the pool also hosts various “late” events for an aged 18+ guest-list. PLUS, you can find discounted tickets if you search the internet hard enough.

Distance from 330 Clapham Road: 2.9km

330 Clapham Road

Two: Parliament Hill Lido

Why it’s great:

Built in 1938, when the city first fell in love with the concept of outdoor pools, Parliament Hill Lido is a top lido to visit as it’s also a Grad II-listed Lido and is open 365 days of the year.

Other winning points include the fact that, Parliament Hill Lido is the only outdoor pool in the country with a stainless steel liner giving it a unique metallic shimmer. Also, dependent on which month you visit, after or before your dip,  on actual Parliament Hill you can experience breath taking views of the city. So, what are you waiting for?

Distance from BEAT NW10: 7.2km


One: London Fields Lido

Why it’s great:

London Fields Lido reopened after an eighteen year battle between locals and authorities. However, reopening in 2006 and receiving a sleek refurbishment in 2013, the heated lido is situated in the heart of east London - a notoriously hip area etc. It’s our favourite choice as this the very existence of this pool shows what a strong and determined local community can achieve.

Distance from Principal Place: 4.5km

Principal Place