Never too late to set up a home with Shared Ownership

An English philosopher once said, ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel it read only one page’. While many Shared Ownership buyers tend to be 25-34 year olds looking to get on the property ladder, those who took longer to set up roots, or make the initial leap from the rental market, are as entitled to the scheme as well. First-time buyer Joe Tanti achieved his dream of owning a home in a well-connected area in south west London near family and friends at the age of 54.

Putting down roots near family and friends

Joe explains: “I grew up in and around Battersea and love this area. I have lots of friends and family nearby, so when I decided that the time had come for me to put down some roots I knew that I wanted to remain here”.

Securing a mortgage at over 50

“I was finding it difficult to get a mortgage; even with a sizeable deposit, I was unable to get the normal 25-year term, due to my age. Shared Ownership allowed me to take a smaller mortgage, which is perfect for me. I am a great advocate of the scheme, as it provides people like myself with the ability to purchase a home in an area that otherwise would have been unaffordable.”

Everything ready on arrival

“Through Shared Ownership, I was able to buy a two bedroom apartment with a balcony. All the rooms are a good size and Notting Hill Sales has made really good use of the space. I love the fact that everything is new – I could move in straightaway and there was no re-decorating or DIY to do! I feel really happy and comfortable here; at last I have a base to call home. This purchase has changed my life, precisely what Shared Ownership sets out to do.”

Oval Quarter – A stone’s throw away from Battersea Reach

All homes have been sold at Battersea Reach however there is a selection of 3 bed family homes nearby at Oval Quarter, SW9. Oval station, just a short walk from home, offers connections on the London Underground through the Northern line, which now runs 24-hours over the weekend. Bank, London Bridge, Waterloo and the West End are all easily reachable. 

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