New House, Old Couch? – Decorating on a Budget

Buying a new home is one of the most rewarding things to do.

Once you’ve secured your own place, the next challenge you have is furnishing it. Moving is never cheap, so we have put together great ways to save money as you decorate your new home.


Prioritising is important in life but this is especially true when you have lots of big ticket items to purchase. Be mindful you don’t have to buy everything in one go! Start with the essentials like a mattress, seating options or dining table depending on your needs.


Not only a cost effective option but it’s also great for the environment! London has so many great options for vintage bargain hunters – starting with a plethora of markets and speciality vendors, established stores dotted around the place. Don’t be afraid to buy something imperfect, a little TLC and it could be the perfect fit.


Another great way to save money to breathe new life into old pieces, Upcycling is all about extending the life of old things by giving them new purpose. You could convert old trunks into a coffee table; the world is your oyster!


An important way to being economically conscious is by investing in furniture that can be used in many ways. Think about TV stand that comes with shelving or expandable tables that can change as you need. All great money and space savers when living in London!



Art doesn’t have to be expensive to make an impact. You can find great prints and reproductions at low prices or you can support up and coming artists breaking into the scene. Pick something fun or get creative with a canvas and paint it yourself.

Make it personal

A collage of photos is a creative way to decorate and keep it personal. Plus you can save money on frames and hang the pictures on twine with mini pegs plus for some ambience - just add fairy lights!

Budget shopping

Heading to IKEA after moving houses is basically a rite of passage these days. But there are lots of other great options on High street – you could try H&M Home another Swedish company offering classic Scandi style.

If heading out the shops is the last thing on your mind, online retailers and are giving the brick and mortar stores a run for their money.

Soft style touches

Adding a new rug or some soft fabric can change a space. Simply adding a cosy throw and plump pillows can transform an old couch. As a bonus texture creates warmth and keeps down the heating bill through winter.

Add some life

Adding living plants is also an inexpensive way to freshen up a room. Depending on space and light – you can go with a low maintenance options like cacti or the more advanced fig leaf.


By following this guide you’ll find yourself saving a penny or two. It’s all about making a house feel like home!

If reading this article has made you want to get a new place to decorate on a budget, check out our new homes across Greater London.

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