Part 1: Interview with Interior Architecture UK: How to put your stamp on a new build home

In part one of our top professional tips from Interior Architecture UK, we interviewed renowned Interior Architect Ann Loxley and her team to share professional, practical, cost-effective interior design tips on how to put your signature on your new home.

1. The blank canvas home: To fear or not to fear

One of the most exciting things about buying a house is having the chance to create a space that truly feels like home, and a new build provides the perfect blank canvas. In fact, research found that half of those looking to buy a new build home were drawn to the idea of being able to put their own stamp on the property. But this can often be a daunting process, especially when you have just been cleared of all your savings for that mortgage. These are some handy tips for decorating a new build on a budget.

2. Visit the show homes

Designed by the experts, show homes at new developments can be a great source of inspiration for bewildered buyers.

3. Furnishings: When and where to splash the cash

At Interior Architecture UK, Ann explains, “Knowing when to indulge and where you can make savings helps to keep things affordable. Key pieces, such as sofas, should be bought with longevity in mind. Look out for classic shapes in neutral, hardwearing fabrics. It is worth investing in better quality, as it will be more cost-effective than replacing items every few years because they look worn or dated.

4. More about furnishings: Where can I save?

The rest of the furniture can be sourced with a tighter budget in mind. Try to be creative, rather than buying everything from the same high street store, which can leave a room lacking character. The temptation can be to overfill a room, but being selective helps individual pieces really stand out, and is also budget friendly!

See how Ann and her expert team applied their wealth of knowledge at Drummond House