Part 2: Interview with Interior Architecture UK: How to put your own stamp on a new build home

Moving into a new build home can pose a few head scratchers when it comes to common traditional interior design practices. Like, where to position furniture if there is no fireplace, how to take advantage of space and light and getting the right balance between too much and too little. In part two of our interview with expert Interior Architect Ann Loxley, Ann and her team address these common questions about new build design and how they went about designing the show home at Drummond House.

Where to position your furniture without a fireplace

When it comes to positioning furniture, an absence of obvious focal features such as fireplaces can really throw some people. Apartment fitted with TV and cable points in the living area and master bedroom can be a great basis for choosing a room layout in a new build property.

How to maximise space and light

New builds are often designed to maximise space and light, and the apartments at Drummond House have fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows. In the living area, we used very simple white blinds, so as not to detract from the room’s clean lines and modern minimalism. Heavy curtains in an expensive fabric instantly make a room feel luxurious, so are a great choice for master bedrooms.

You could choose a textured fabric in an elegant shade of taupe, to ensure a sense of flow between the bedroom and living area. It is worth bearing in mind that unusually sized windows may require bespoke window dressings. However, these needn’t be expensive and it is the perfect excuse to find something beautiful that will really last.

Furnishings: What’s too much and what’s too little

Most new build homes are finished with neutral décor throughout, and the walls often cannot be painted or wallpapered for the first year. Ann comments: “Adding furniture and accessories in one or two accent colours is a great way of introducing colour without overpowering a room. Accessories can also be easily updated, so the room never ends up looking tired, even if you haven’t changed the wall colours in years. Grey works beautifully with yellow and blue to create a really chic and contemporary colour palette, so at Drummond House we added chairs, cushions and artwork in fun shades of yellow and blue which really lift and brighten the room.”

See the show home Ann and her team designed at Drummond House