Reap the rewards of a new build home

New Homes Week Unlocked 2020 is now underway and with many people having spent more time in their properties than ever before, and often realising that the upkeep of an older property is both expensive and time-consuming, this summer search season is a prime time to consider a new build home. In celebration of New Homes Week Unlocked, Home Builders Federation (HBF) has revealed that demand for new build homes has surged by 66% in the six weeks that followed the property market reopening, and first time buyers are now snapping up new homes faster than they were before the UK lockdown, with an 87% revival after an initial fall of 68% in the first two weeks of lockdown.

Many of our clients are first time buyers, who may need a little bit of guidance when it comes to buying their first property. Purchasing a home is a big step, and for many is the biggest investment of a lifetime, whether you’re a first-time buyer or already have your feet firmly placed on the property ladder. When deciding between an older property or a new build there are many things to consider, in order to help you decide, we have put together a list of benefits that come with purchasing a new build property compared to an older home.

  • Expert Advice – When purchasing a new build home, getting the right advice is key to making the right decision. Notting Hill Genesis has a fantastic team of sales consultants, specialist financial advisors and legal advisors who are ready and willing to be taken advantage of! Being able to tap into the professional experience and knowledge of those who know the buying process can offer a welcome sense of assurance when you’re a first-time buyer. We also understand how busy life can be, so the option to view a property in-person isn’t always easy, so we offer both virtual and in-person viewings. Virtual viewings are also a great way for parents or friends to join in the experience and offer their opinions too.
  • Well Designed – New build homes are laid out in a way that makes life easier, and we work closely with industry-leading designers and architects to ensure that layouts are both flexible, adaptable and versatile. First time buyers in their 30’s have often collected a lot of possessions and so we ensure there is plenty of storage space – especially useful when unannounced guests arrive for a visit! Access to the outdoors is incredibly important so as well as offering access to attractive communal gardens, each property benefits from its own private balcony or terrace, big enough for a bistro table and chairs. Our show homes have been created to help buyers understand how to optimise furniture layouts with the latest decorative techniques ensuring your apartment or house will feel like a home from the moment you move in.
  • Blank Canvas – Once you are in and unpacked your world is your oyster! It’s a blank canvas for you to customise to your own taste or simply enjoy it how it is. For those who aren’t too confident with wallpaper or a paint brush, wall art can be a striking addition to any home and bring a room to life as much as the latest on-trend colour of paint or wallpaper will. All colour schemes are chosen to offer a stylish yet neutral specification ready for you to style however you choose.

  • Everything Is New – You are the first person ever to live in your home! It has that ‘new’ smell that immediately tells us it’s clean and untouched by anyone else. There’s no arduous cleaning to be done and every room is ready and waiting for you to find all those perfect places for all your personal belongings. Kitchens are fresh and sleek and fitted with well-known branded appliances and bespoke bathrooms and en-suites have an elegant hotel-style feel about them – so while friends might still be worrying about who will be washing the dishes, you can pop everything into your own dishwasher in a few minutes and relax.
  • Location, Location, Location – As a developer and provider of new homes we take time to consider the world outside the property, and one of the most important factors is location. All of our new developments benefit from being within easy reach of central London so are a great option for those who want to live and work in the city. We also take into account the local amenities on offer including retail choices, dining out, green spaces, parks and gyms – whether customers want to head to a bar or restaurant after work or work up a Saturday morning sweat, it’s all within easy reach of home.

  • Energy Efficient – New build homes are built with the latest materials; they are well insulated, sound-proofed and energy efficient. This is a welcome money-saving feature that reduces utility bills, keep costs low and some even generate energy back into the grid!
  • A choice of buying options – a range of our properties are available to purchase with either Shared Ownership or Help to Buy London ensuring that everyone will be able to find a contemporary new build home to suit their budget and their needs.
  • No Chain – when buying a new there isn’t an upward chain to deal with. This means you won’t be dealing with any last-minute demands; you are not reliant on someone selling their property before you move in, and it can also be a much less stressful experience all round.

At Notting Hill Genesis, we have a range of developments across London, ideal for city workers, those working from home or families looking for more space. Our properties are available to purchase via private sale, Shared Ownership and Help to Buy London.

For further information on any of our developments please visit or call  020 3815 2222.