Shared Ownership helps family back onto the ladder

When a separation meant the sale of the family home, mum-of-two Rachel Kabambe had her options limited finding a home in her price range with enough space for her and her two daughters. With the average price of a three bedroom family home in Enfield valued at £580,999, it wasn’t going to be an easy task for the newly-single mum.

Rachel moves fast

However, when Rachel’s mum spotted Bowles Square in Enfield on the Notting Hill Sales website, just one mile from where Rachel and daughters Jasmine and Emilia were already living, and saw three bed homes available with Shared Ownership, the 44-year-old, NHS Service Manager made an appointment to view straight away.

Shared Ownership ticks the boxes

Rachel explains: “I’d been a homeowner for nearly 20 years, but after my husband and I separated 18 months ago and had to sell the family home we owned together, I knew that I couldn’t afford to buy by myself. It was my mum who suggested Shared Ownership, so I started researching the scheme. Not long after, we spotted Notting Hill Sales’ Bowles Square, and after the initial visit, realised that it ticked all the boxes.”

New home for a New Year

She continues: “Following the sale of my previous property, I actually had no need for a mortgage to buy my 40% share, and although this isn’t common, the team at Notting Hill Sales were really helpful as we were in such extenuating circumstances. We moved in on the 8th January, so it was really nice to have a new start for the New Year. The day we moved in, I felt such a weight off my shoulders that we were finally home.”

More space, less arguments

“Both Jasmine and I work locally, and Emilia goes to nursery in the area too, so we didn’t want to move far. Bowles Square is therefore perfect. The style of the home means that we can have more space; especially with Jasmine being in her twenties, we’re not on top of each other. She has what we call the ‘penthouse suite’ on the top floor, with her own bathroom, which means no arguments and privacy for her. The layout of the home means we can have some family time together, something we haven’t been able to enjoy for some time. It’s nice to have some breathing space after the worries of the last couple of years, especially with it being a new build - all the decoration has been done for us!”

Aspire in Enfield

Bowles Square, where Rachel bought her home, is now sold out. North Londoners looking for more space without breaking the bank should consider Notting Hill Sales’ brand new development Wells Mews at Aspire in Arnos Grove, Enfield, where a collection of three bedroom townhouses are available with Shared Ownership.

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Prices for a three bedroom townhouse at ASPIRE start from £186,000 for a 30% share of the full market value of £620,000. For further details, call 0203 815 1234

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