Summer in North London

North London is hard to nail down but that’s part of charm. It can be what you need - equal parts filled with leafy parks, funky venues and lots of family friendly fun options. Music, pubs, greenery – North London has it all! We’ve put together a list of great places to explore if you fancy venturing north.

Hampstead Heath

When you go to Hampstead Heath you’ll hardly feel like you’re one the biggest and busiest cities in the world. Take a step back and enjoy the country feeling or take a dip in the Hampstead ponds when the temperature rises.

Hampstead Heath is located 7.2 miles from our lovely homes at Aspire N13.

Kenwood House

Located at the north end of Hampstead Heath, Kenwood House has been featured in many movies as a classic London location – think 90’s classics like Notting Hill. It’s gorgeous country manor that capture the allure of country living without leaving the city.

Kenwood House is located 7.2 miles from our lovely homes at Aspire N13.

Ally Pally

Alexandra Palace, better known as Ally Pally, has had a long a storied past and is well worth a visit. It’s a historic venue that manages to reinvent itself with every visit. Go for a gig or checkout some great summer events like The Monster – an inflatable obstacle course for kids and adults.

Ally Pally is located just 1.1 miles from our lovely homes at Aspire N13.

Climbing Castle

A bit of an English twist on a classic climbing gym, enjoy the unique experience of climbing in a castle. Its offers a completely unique experience for a new and experienced climbers and has some great kid friendly walls too.

Climbing Castle is located 3.3 miles from our lovely homes at Aspire N13.

Royal Airforce Museum

The Royal Airforce Museum is a great place of kids and adults. You can see the history of the RAF and see how warplanes have changed over the years. Maybe inspire a future pilot in your family!

The Royal Airforce Museum is located 5 miles from our homes in Elmbank.


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