The Flipping Pancake Guide

It’s Pancake Day and everyone is going flipping mad. Whether you feel like making a crepe, going Dutch with whipped cream or splashing on some maple syrup, consider this day a good excuse not to go gym. 

The artistry of Pancake flipping

There’s an art to making the perfect pancake and the jubilation that follows (after several failed attempts) is unparalleled. If you want to attempt to be in the pancake flipping hall of fame follow these steps below:

Step 1 – Have a relatively light pan to make the flip strenuous on your wrist
Step 2 – Use a spatula around the edges and bottom of the pancake then give it a shake to ensure it slides easily
Step 3 – Hold the handle with both hands and lift the pan up 3 inches or so at a tilted angle ready to be flipped
Step 4 – Flick your wrist upwards to flip your pancake and voila

Sadly those steps are easier to read than they are to physically do and unfortunately we are not all privileged to be crowned in the realms of Pancake Royalty. Nevertheless, fear not! There is a great place called The Breakfast Club who have you covered this year. 

The Breakfast Club

For anyone who is daring, they have a challenge where if you eat 12 pancakes in 12 within 12 minutes you don’t pay a penny. But if you lose the challenge you pay and they donate the profits to a volunteering program. The Breakfast Club at Spitafields in East London is just round the corner from our new homes at Principal Place.

Principal Place is a collection of 1 bedroom apartments located in Shoreditch, in the London Borough of Hackney– just 0.8 km from Liverpool Underground Station. Coming soon, homes at Principal Place will be available to buy off-plan via Shared Ownership.

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