Top interior design tips for your new build home

We talk to interior designer Clare Morton of Studio Morton about making your new build home look its best.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

I have worked in the creative and design industries for over 15 years, setting up my own design consultancy in 2012.

The team at Studio Morton work on both private and commercial projects mainly in London and more recently in other areas of the UK. Creativity, attention to detail and professional expertise are the key ingredients to achieving these spaces combined with a positive approach and a big smile. I’m really pleased that Studio Morton’s Notting Hill House features in the November 2014 issue of Homes and Gardens magazine.

How would you describe your style?

My style continues to evolve and be influenced by the new and interesting things that I see every day. These could be a vintage piece of furniture, an art show, a fashion collection, an ethnic market or a striking colour used in a new context. I am known for my confident use of colour and bringing together eclectic pieces.

I vary my style depending on my clients’ briefs but I love to use mid-century modern furniture pieces in my work as well as those created by up and coming designers, local artists and of course the best of the high-street.

People often think that new build houses can be a bit bland and samey. Is that true?

They can be but they really don’t have to be! When people buy new build homes they are presented with what is essentially a blank canvas for them to stamp their own style on. A new build home is a great opportunity for people to make a statement with their design choices.

What’s your top tip for budding interior designers?

Be bold and don't be shy! Have confidence in your ideas and see them through to fruition. So many people give up on an idea half way through the process of realising it, thinking it won't work. If you're bold and really go for it you can make your ideas work.

Collect ideas you see online and in magazines. Make a scrap book of things you like or put together a Pinterest board of images and things you see that inspire you. Build up a collection over time of things you like in your home - don't rush out and buy everything all at once. And just because you're buying a new home doesn't mean everything in it should be new. It's great to have things in your home that tell little stories about your life.

What kind of style have you used for our Camberwell Fields development?

Colourful, eclectic and vibrant. We wanted this development to appeal to local people and reflect the various communities in Camberwell. There are lots of artists in the area so we made lots of reference to that using bright and colourful artwork and prints.

Head to the Studio Morton website to find out more about Clare's work.


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