Two nurses find a happy family home through Shared Ownership

With children and work commitments pulling Marcus and his partner Francaise in different directions across London and Essex, the couple considered several options before settling on a three bedroom Shared Ownership family home in Newham. The two nurses were able to afford much more than they originally thought, and have made a home for themselves at Royal Albert Wharf. Here is their story.

A location that fits personal and professional

Marcus, 52, explains: “Both Francaise and I have children from previous relationships, so when we started looking at buying a home together, this was a key factor to bear in mind. My sons live in North London and I wanted to be able to reach them quickly, while Francaise’s daughter needed to still get to school in Essex. Plus with both of us working in various locations across London, we needed somewhere that we could get around from easily, and so Newham seemed like a perfect compromise.”

A family big enough for everybody

He continues: “We found Royal Albert Wharf having researched Shared Ownership in the borough. London being so expensive meant that we had to consider other options, as a family home in the capital through normal means would have been out of our reach. Our home cost £615,000 full market value, which our salaries wouldn’t have stretched to without Shared Ownership, even with the money I received from the sale of my previous home. We bought a 30% share, and put down a sizeable deposit, which means that our mortgage is a lot smaller than if we had bought on the open market. The scheme meant that we could afford a home big enough for Francaise, her daughter and I to live and my boys to come and stay”.

Homes at Royal Albert Wharf: The benefits of a waterside location

Speaking of the appeal of the wider development, Marcus says: “The architecture of the whole site is really interesting, and very well thought out. I like that we can see so much of the sky, plus having the water on all sides adds to the feeling of being somewhere totally different to central London.”

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