Workspaces that boost your mental health

Inspiring workspaces

According to a study from the National Institute of Mental Health, the work environment significantly affects employees’ health by raising or decreasing stress levels. With more people working from home and feeling the pressure of remote working, now is the time to make sure that at home workspace is as inspiring and calming as possible, to boost productivity and benefit your mental wellbeing.

 A built in wardrobe in one of the apartments at New Garden Quarter has been turned into a mini-office with a clever use of space.

Taking inspiration from our show home at New Garden Quarter we have detailed the best ways to create an inspiring workspace, whilst still ensuring that all important work-life balance. The workspace at New Garden Quarter has been specifically designed to be hidden away at the end of the working day inside one of the apartment’s built in wardrobes, making the move from work life to home seamless.

Rachel Best at Oasis Interior Design explains: “With the bedroom being of ample size and having fitted wardrobes, our idea was to use the cupboards to create a mini office that you could shut away when your day was done. This was created by simply adding a couple of Billy bookcases from IKEA, an Atkin & Thyme desk and one roll of Cole and Son Fornasetti paper. A simple and effective way to utilise the space that we felt would inspire the potential buyers to do likewise.”

The space, although small, is chic and provides a tranquil workspace ensuring a productive area to carry out the day’s tasks. It was important to the team at Notting Hill Genesis that the space reflected the local area and incorporated warm tones to further create a zone that was warm and inviting. Rachel continues: “We wanted the design to show the rich history and diversity of Stratford as part of the East End of London.  We used the hottest colour of the autumn period - Terracotta!   Interior Design Trends 2020 claims; “with bold shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre and buttery tan, gorgeous tactile textures such as bouclé, and furniture and accessories echoing nature and organic forms, the most influential interior trends of 2020 promise to bring mellow warmth to our homes.” These tones help to cement the feeling of comfort aiding in reducing stress and creating a relaxing work environment.”

If you can, here are our top tips for creating an inspiring workspace at home:

  • Position your desk in a quiet area of the house that receives plenty of natural light and can easily separate work from home and improve productivity.
  • Don’t be afraid to use colour in your design – colours can affect your mental health. Blues and greens are proven to create a calming atmosphere whereas oranges and yellows boost productivity and lilacs stimulate imagination.
  • Remove clutter – from empty mugs of tea / coffee to redundant piles of paper. The clearer your desk the clearer your mind.
  • Invest in a comfortable chair – there are plenty of stylish and ergonomically designed chairs on the market that will suit a number of design schemes. A comfortable chair is a must for anyone sitting at a desk for any length of time.
  • Incorporate plants into your workspace, these help to purify the air but also bring a little bit of the outside in and have been proven to boost wellbeing.
  • Keep something that motivates you close by. Just as you may have a photograph of your family on your desk in the office.

Remember, taking regular breaks is just as important as working from a space that inspires you. Make sure to utilise the private outside space available to you. If the weather is nice, balconies and patios can be a lovely and serene place to work from too.

Whether you are considering a home move now, or once the UK lockdown restrictions are lifted, Notting Hill Genesis is here to offer help and advice. For further information about New Garden Quarter or any of our developments, please call 020 3815 2222 or register now at