Buying a new build: Laughing all the way to the bank

Close the door you're letting the heat out. Were you born in a barn? Stick on a jumper if you're cold! Sound familiar? New build properties are not only putting an end to these grating conversations but also improving relationships with frugal fathers and grumpy grannies and granddads.

The case for buying a new-build is getting stronger as people pay more for heating their homes. In the images above, on the left is an infra-red image of a period home and on the right is a new-build. The green shows heat loss, lack of insulation or air leakage and the lighter colours show more heat escapes through doors of the period property.

How much could I save?

When calculating an annual household expenditure of £1,000, homeowners can expect a reduction of £600 in a new-build. So new-builds can be seen as a short term as well as a long term investment- certainly something to keep in mind as you pay your first mortgage bill.

The findings of government research suggest that new builds are six times more energy efficiency than older properties. And thanks to a government makeover on the Green Deal, homeowners are receiving cashback and incentives on double-glazing, insulation and boilers. The overall consensus is optimistic, and as more homeowners invest into energy efficiency, the benchmark for new builds increases and the evolution continues.

What to do next?

While the incentives exist, homeowners of older properties have been slow to adjust as period homes fall behind the standards set by new developments.

Now is the time to consider your options when in the market for a new home and why not make some additional savings? The evidence speaks for itself.


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