House Trends

To invest or not to invest? This is the big question when buying trendy big-ticket items. But we’ve put together a list of the hottest trends with staying power! Check out the 4 biggest trends below.


Fabric choice is the underrated way to change the mood of a room. Bringing great velvet couches, linen bedspreads and summery rattan furniture. The trick when changing up the textures is to ensure there aren’t too many clashing styles and patterns.

Warm tones

This year’s big colour statements all veer towards the warmer categories – consider colours like tonal reds, millennial pink, burnt yellow or the Pantone colour of the yea to brighten up any room. You can add small touches with accent pillows or go big with great couches or feature rugs.

What’s Old is New Again…

A key idea about interior design is that some classics never go out of style but loads of trends come back around. This year has seen the return of classic interior decorating ideas such as the ’70s and '80s style glam. An easy way to lean into the trend is through the addition of wallpaper or industrial canopy beds. This is definitely a risky trend, so tread carefully!

Matte Finishes

Matte has been all the rage the past few years on Instagram and now it’s making its way to interior design. Matte furniture tends to have a tasteful luxe appeal over its glossy counterpart. Bonus - you can adopt this trend cheaply! Matte finishes are all the rage in crockery with very modern interpretation including plates, bowls and mugs.

At the end of the day, style is personal and home is yours. Pick the trend you love and transform your space.

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